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Quality, Affordable, and Dependable Web Hosting Solutions

Are you dissatisfied with your current hosting company? Are you using one of the big-box hosting services and find the experience to be a little impersonal? When you have questions, do you feel like 10 different reps have 10 different answers? How’s the uptime with your current service?

These are all questions that need to be considered when running a business website. Even if this is your first time selecting a hosting company, there are a number of things you should know. There are also specific things you should expect from your hosting provider.

Design and Hosting – The Perfect Combination

At Korey Brooks Web Design, we don’t stop with just a killer site design. We follow it up with industry-leading hosting services and products. It’s yet another way we strive to be your one-stop source for all things Web design in Dallas, Fort Worth, and throughout and beyond the Metroplex. Our hosting options guarantee that your website will load quickly across all devices and platforms and that you will experience more than 99% uptime all the time.

Friendly, Professional Support

We handle trouble tickets on a first-come, first-served basis and can often resolve site issues in a single phone call. More complex issues are quickly escalated and resolved to ensure that you experience the slightest interruption in service possible.

Weekly and Monthly Backups

Your data is safe with us! Korey Brooks Web Design is 100% committed to protecting your most crucial data. We offer weekly and monthly tiered backup options to ensure that your business always runs smoothly and that your data are safe and secure.


More Than 99% Uptime

While no service can guarantee against brief periods of downtime periodically, at Korey Brooks Web Design, we can safely and confidently promise that your site uptime will meet or exceed our standard of 99% uptime or better. That includes issues related to single sites as well as unforeseen network outages.

Easy Updates and Changes

The most successful websites are those that offer fresh content on a consistent basis. Need to make changes? We can help you do it and put in your hands the necessary tools to make updates and additions on your own whenever necessary.

Hosting Plans

Our hosting plans are predesigned to grow with you. We offer generous packages at affordable prices and never limit your storage space or bandwidth usage. Our current offerings include:

Web Hosting

  • 1 Websites
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

I’m Korey Brooks, and I would like to personally invite you to experience the difference the right hosting solution can make for your business. Please fill out our contact form to request more information or to place an order for quality Web design services in and beyond the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex.


Full Scalability

We offer various tiers of service to help ensure that your site and its ability to handle increases in traffic grow along with your business. We can help you select plans and upgrades that will help you keep up with that growth and provide a consistently smooth and enjoyable experience for your site visitors.