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I can help you devise a comprehensive SEO strategy that will drive business to your website


True Search Engine Optimization for Your Site

You could have the best-looking site in your industry or niche, but if people can’t find you, what is it really worth? At Korey Brooks – Your single-source for Web design in Fort Worth, Dallas, and beyond – we understand the ins and outs of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and are up-to-date with the current criteria set in place by Google and other leading search engines.

That understanding helps us help you stay on top of your rankings and makes it easy not just for people to find you, but for the right people to find you. Perhaps your business is an online retailer with an international clientele. Perhaps it’s a small furniture re-upholstery business that serves just a small radius. No matter who you are trying to reach or where they are in the world, I can develop an SEO strategy that positions your site to capture the right leads and attract the right customers.


100% White Hat Solutions

I am committed to helping you grow your business and increase your online presence and reputation. There are no shortcuts to building a successful long-term SEO strategy. Do things the right way, in compliance with Google and the other search engines, and you will see results. This is why I take a 100% White Hat approach to SEO.

White Hat SEO employs the predetermined guidelines and techniques of search engines, with due care given to producing content that is relevant on all levels. That means developing tags and headlines that meet with the expectation of a site visitor when he or she clicks on one of your links. Content creation and White Hat SEO are both crucial processes that can make or break your website. I am fully committed to your reputation and your success, which is why I only employ White Hat tactics to increase your rankings.

Not Just Keywords

SEO goes far beyond crawling for keywords these days. In order to rank high, your site has to be visually inviting and seeded with fresh, relevant content on a perpetual basis. All elements have to load quickly without excessive lag due to over-advertising a page or through using inappropriately large files within the page. It’s not just about what you have to say – it’s how the message is conveyed.

Local SEO

If yours is a small, family-run business, local SEO is a vital part of the equation if you want local customers to find you first. Let me show you how local SEO can help you reach more people quickly within a small radius.

Real SEO Solutions for Your Website and Business

I’m Korey Brooks, and I want to be your one-stop source for rock star Web design in Dallas, Fort Worth, and beyond the Metroplex. I encourage you to fill out our contact form and let me know.